Engine Oil Change | Northridge Auto Repair


Engine oil change is the backbone of car maintenance. All cars need it, and it is critical to perform it regularly.

At Omega Automotive you can get you oil change performed in about 45 minutes or less. With every oil change we will give you the peace of mind that your car is inspected to ensure that everything is Okay. Part of our services includes:

  • checking the vital fluids in the engine compartment
  • checking tires pressure
  • visually inspecting your car's air filter
  • visually inspecting for any leaks
  • visual inspection of:
    • radiator ​hoses
    • other hoses
    • radiator
    • brakes
    • tires
    • belts
    • and exterior lights

Give your self the peace of mind of keeping your car running its best with the people who care about you and your car.