Always the best service at Omega....

5 Omega Automotive 6/8/2016

Great quality and fast service.

5 Omega Automotive 6/4/2016

What can I say, Carlos and his crew keep my old car running like new.

5 Omega Automotive 6/2/2016

The check in process was seamless. Carlos was attentive and efficient which led to the accurate identification of my issue. The repairs were completed in a timely manner. This service exceeded my expectation. Thanks Carlos and your team for a job well done.

5 Omega Automotive 6/2/2016

A man is only as good as the car be drives, take care of the car, car will take care of you. No one has helped me take care of my car like Carlos and Omega Automotive. If you're looking for someone that will not tske advantage of you then try him, you won't regret it.

5 Omega Automotive 5/31/2016

Carlos was super helpful and really knew his stuff. Very courteous, friendly, and everything was reasonably priced. Great place to take any vehicle that needs work.

5 Omega Automotive 5/31/2016

This place is amazing!! Great customer service, on time service. I've been a Omega Automotive customer for over 10 yrs and recommend this place to everyone who wants to save money and time.

5 Omega Automotive 4/25/2016

We own a 2004 BMW 745LI, Carlos, and his team members were able to fix the oil leak and also replaced the fuel tank vent valve! Other local mechanic shops couldn't trouble shoot or remedy the problem, so far we are extremely satisfied with OMEGA-work! Keep up the good work and thank you.

Thank you for your testimonial. We appreciate you trusting us with your car. Omega Automotive
5 Omega Automotive 2/1/2016

Omega is the finest repair garage I've experience. Friendly, honest and out to do the best job possible and very concious of what the cost factors can be. They will do their best to bring you the finest service at the most reasonable price. /Don

Don it is always a pleasure to help you with your car. We are so delighted that you have chosen us as your mechanic for so many years now. Thank you! Omega Automotive
5 Omega Automotive 2/1/2016

Great help! Ask for Carlos he knows his stuff and does everything possible to help you.

5 Omega Automotive 10/22/2015